3 curation methods to ensure your brand is safe and visible.

3 curation methods for totally safe and broad reach whitelists.

1/ Brand defined context. Got Targets, Get Context.

This first method is straightforward. Define your primary target and get the corresponding media/sources list for your campaign.

Example: You are looking for Music media.

Want to broaden the scope to classifications surrounding Music? Like Shows? And Motion Pictures?

Let’s add:

  • Industries › Information And Communication › Motion Picture And Sound Recording
  • People › Entertainment And Leisure › Show And Performance

You now get 118 Media covering one or another (or 665 if you go lower in Editorial focus)

Instead you want to go more specific? Like Media covering Music AND Shows OR Motion Pictures?

You now get 48 Media covering one AND the two another (or 399 if you go lower in Editorial focus.

2/ Destination profiling for related context. Let your Landing Page make your whitelist.

Looking for a frictionless, no learning curve experience? This method is for you.

TrustedOut will profile your landing page and from it, create the corresponding corpus. Simple as that!

3/ Connex context to primary context. Expand your reach with editorial related Media/Sources.

This method was explained in this post: Discover new media/sources with Related Profiles.

Principle is simple:

1/ Get the primary target. In our example, Music

2/ Find the Top 3 growing classifications over a period of time, say the Past Week

3/ Create a Corpus with those 3 classifications over the same period of time. Voila.

Now you get 2.5x more Media.

In our post, you get 85 new media + the initial 56 = 141 Media. +2.5x more Media

Ready? Get your Deal ID to Connect your Corpus to your Campaign. Voila!

As we wrote here: TrustedOut’s Ad Campaign Curation: Simple, Safe and Permanently Updated.

TrustedOut gives you the deal ID for your Corpus. Once entered your Corpus,  updates will automatically be sync’ed with your DSP.

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