It was 2019.

First of all, we wanted to wish you, not only an happy new year, 2020, but an happy new decade! Happy 20s!

Consequently, as the 10s end, let’s have a look at…

The Top 10 posts of 2019

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#1. Our vision. Trusted Content as a Utility

Trusted Content as a Utility

#2. What TrustedOut can do for an Industry

Corpus Intelligence for an Industry: Aerospace & Defense – October 2019

#3. How TrustedOut compares Media Coverages.

Media Coverage Market Shares US vs France – Source TrustedOut – 10/01/19

#4. Do Commerce AND Branding. Not one or the other.

Do Commerce AND, NOT OR, Branding. (and fix brand safety, risky SEO et al)

#5. Beware, Brand Safety does not mean Quality.

Brand Safety, the most misleading proxy for quality that an advertiser can use.

#6. Nothing must compromise your Brand Consistency.

Do not let advertising compromise your brand consistency.

#7. What people say about TrustedOut.

They say about nous. [update #2]

#8. Explaining how our magic works

How our AI-powered classification works.

#9. Our very 1st partnership.

TrustedOut + Digimind partnership. It’s official.

#10. Do not confuse information and conversation.

Get information from Traditional Media, have conversation on Social Media. Not the other way around.

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Listen and watch content you trust – TrustedOut and RSS Readers.

Read what’s happening in your Corpus.

Let say you’d like to listen and watch Car Racing in Specialized sources in the USA.

Your Corpus query will look like this in TrustedOut:

Click on [Get] to have a look at those 21 feeds (sources) from 10 media

And download the OPML file of your Corpus

You will get this file (download it to play with it)

Download OPMLRead your Corpus with your favorite RSS Reader

There are plenty of excellent RSS Reader. Here are 2 examples:

Example #1: Feedly

Find “Organize Sources” and click on “Import OPML”

Select the OPML file from above and enjoy reading…

Example #2: Inoreader

Once logged/signed in, Go to Subscriptions > Manage Subscription > Import/Export and select the OPML of your Corpus

Enjoy reading…

Search within articles, alerts, newsletters…

Our 2 examples above offer both Searches (Inoreader offers it with the free account), Alerts and even team newsletters.

Get your selection of sources you trust with TrustedOut and enjoy reading, searching, alerting and spreading with your choice of RSS Reader…

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Trusted Content as a Utility

Distrust in Media is a major, major issue.

Distrust in media is an issue everywhere. While trust in media in the US has stabilized around 40% (who trust), it was in the 70s-ish% in 1970. The situation is and is getting worse in Europe, as this Liberation article says :

“While there is also a downward trend of between 2% and 4% in most European countries, France is experiencing the largest drop in confidence. Above all, with only 24% of French people trusting the media, the country is 37th out of 38, just ahead of South Korea (22%). By way of comparison, the confidence rate is 47% in Germany or 40% in the United Kingdom.”

No trust in content, No trust in decisions made from it.

Can you imagine betting your future, the future of your business, on content you do not trust?

Can you imagine displaying your brand, the brand you’ve spent years building respect and trust on, on environment you don’t know, that do not fit your brand’s values?

Can you imagine having your PR and watch team listening media without understanding the profile of those media?

It is the motto of TrustedOut. The reason of our name: “If it’s not trusted in, it cannot be trusted out.”

Trusted Content should be like water or electricity: A Utility.

You need water. You open the faucet. You do not test the water. You trust it. You simply use it when you need it. Anytime. All the time.

You need electricity, You switch it on. You do not test the electrical. You simply use it when you need it. Anytime. All the time.

Imagine Trusted Content the same way.

You need trusted content. You open TrustedOut, define what you trust so you can trust the content you get. You simply use it when you need it. Anytime. All the time.

We now offer Unlimited access to TrustedOut, so access to content you trust is totally frictionless.

Define the content you trust for every segment of your business.

Hereafter is an example of an Enterprise organized by Industry. Also applies to any other type of business organization.

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Should governments deal with fake news?

In this article, “Singapore just used its fake news law. Critics say it’s just what they feared“, CNN Business explains why the new anti-fake news law in Singapore produced what they feared most: “increased censorship and official overreach in a country where freedom of expression is already under pressure.”, adding: “This week’s events suggest those fears may be justified.”

“as required by Singaporean law.”

We won’t debate on the two articles under the scrutiny of the Singapore government, but rather focus on one thing very important for us:

Censorship must be and remain personal.

It is always dangerous to leave to someone what you can read and cannot.

CNN reports: “Government ministers can decide whether to order something deemed fake news to be taken down, or require a correction to be put up alongside it. They can also order companies such as Facebook (FB) and Google (GOOGL) — both of which opposed the bill — to block accounts or sites spreading false information.

The government can also prosecute individuals with fines of up to 50,000 Singapore dollars (about $36,000) and/or up to five years in prison. If the alleged falsehood is posted using “an inauthentic online account or controlled by a bot,” the potential fine rises to 100,000 Singapore dollars (around $73,000), and/or up to 10 years in prison.

Companies found guilty of spreading so-called fake news can face fines of up to 1 million Singapore dollars (roughly $735,000).”

Again, we, TrustedOut do not defend the spread of fake news or any offending content but we believe, for the most part, news can be seen as fake for some people and not fake for others, thus, censorship should be and remain Personal.

Get information from Traditional Media, have conversation on Social Media. Not the other way around.

In a previous post, we wrote:
“Misinformation and biases infect social media, both intentionally and accidentally. This highly recommended article from The Conversation exposes 3 types of bias identified by Indiana University. Hereafter are our takeaways… Continue reading

Trust, Media and Democracy

Related to this matter, we also wrote on the excellent Knight Foundation Report.

The Aspen Institute and the Knight Foundation recently released a report on a commission they organized about Trust, Media and Democracy. While coming from America, we believe most can apply wider.

If you don’t have the time for the length report, this medium page is very interesting. Here are our takeaways in the light of our previous posts, regrouped in 3 main categories:

10 ways to rebuild trust in media and democracy…  Continue reading

Define the content you trust for every segment of your business.

Hereafter is an example of an Enterprise organized by Industry. Also applies to any other type of business organization.

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Talk the Google talk.

In this Wired article, Devin Nunes and the Power of Keyword Signaling, the author explains how political speeches can be tweaked to play with Search engines.

Talk Google.

Quotes using part of those speeches will, to be accurate, reuse keywords optimized for Search Engines, such as Google et al. Those keywords should prompt results where the political candidate and party will have better results, higher, in the 1st page.

Propaganda landing pages.

Those keywords, when searched in Google will be either those from a competitor where confusion can be introduced, but some will be usual in a context or out of date or simple fabricated. The more unique they are, the better SEO will operate. Rare, those keywords when searched, will return few, low inventory pages where the candidate crew will have much of the pages ready.

Talk the Google talk.

Better, words used in a speech will be seen as belonging to a specific wing. This way, the result is optimal:

  • Push the candidate
  • Push the point of the candidate with differentiation vs others
  • Push the party and augment bipartisanism

The cure: Watch who’s publishing.

Getting news from a search engine is very risky. SEO technics explained above and here in a previous post:

Keywords (Data) Voids: Misinformations via Google and Bing.

The solution is the same as for Businesses: Get content, and thus education, from Media you trust.

Your business is all about the content you trust.

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Marketers must-haves: Media Sources reports and comparisons

Let say you are looking for a media in “Eating and drinking”, in France, to associate your brand with.

1. Select potential media partners

France and French. Taxonomy is Eating and Drinking. We will select “Covered” for media covering this subject and Past month, for a more stable taxonomy than the last 7 days.
TrustedOut offers 40 media and 60 sources, 214 articles per day and 43,000 articles in the archive. Corpus creation looks like this:

Click on “Get” and we get Media and Sources.

A click on a media shows how the media is perceived for toxic contents and political orientations.

2. Diving on your selected two.

From the media list, you want more info on two: Le Figaro Gastronomie and Elle A Table.

A click on a source shows the trends in classifications [ 1 ], week vs month and month vs quarter, as well as the top classifications per period of time.

3. Get an instant report on a Media Source

For each source, click on the “Report” button, [ 2 ] in the screenshot above, and receive the report in a PDF format:

Le Figaro – Gastronomie

Caution: Report timestamp is very important as data are permanently updated.

4. Comparing 2 sources profiles


By comparing profiles, you can define what is best for your operations.

Questions? Contact-us!


Create a corpus from a list of articles (ex. here: popular on Facebook).

You want to create a Corpus of Media for your analytics and/or a whitelist of media similar to a list of articles?

Here is how Corpus Intelligence can help in 3 steps:

Step 1. Collect Materials.  

Let’s start with a list of popular articles: Today, the Top 15 of the most engaged articles on Facebook in Sept 2019

In this article you can find the following top 15 articles:

Table to show the top 15 web stories on Facebook in September 2019, ranked by engagement

Step 2. Understand Profiles

From the list above, we’ve collected the profiles of  the corresponding media.

Here are the top 30 most popular classifications from our 3-level AI-powered taxonomy.  

This means the top 5 most popular media types are:

  1. Politics
  2. Law
  3. Entertainment and Leisure
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Society 

Computing C.scores give precisely the classifications to shoot for.

Step 3. Build and manage Corpuses.

The hardest part is done. Let’s play with TrustedOut now:
Want all media in Politics and Law? here it is:
Want to target the dedicated media in the 1st classification, International, in Politics? Voila:

From here, feed your analytics tool and/or create a whitelist for your DSP.

Questions? Contact us!

TrustedOut: Intelligence you trust. Brand Safety you trust. PR you trust.

TrustedOut helps your business all the way, all the time.

Let say here, your company, SmartBizFurnitures, builds and commercializes high end, classy Business Furnitures.  SmartBizFurnitures believes Lifestyle applies to Business environments.

Sources you trust to get reliable intelligence.

You must trust the content you use to trust any decision you make.

SmartBizFurnitures asks TrustedOut for all media sources covering:
People › Lifestyle › Decoration And Design And Architecture

Because they are looking for insights from their intelligence tool (Digimind, Netvibes, etc…), they decide to:

  • Solely select the classification your business is in: People › Lifestyle › Decoration And Design And Architecture
  • Pick “covered” to get a large but relevant number of sources for our analytic tools.
  • Go with the shortest period of taxonomy, the rolling “Past week”,  because they want to be news-sensitive.
Mouse over to zoom

TrustedOut finds 481 sources. Click on “Get”…

Intelligence tools ready.

… download the CSV file of those 481 sources and import them in your semantic/social intelligence tool. Your tool will continue to listen to all new articles from those sources. Should you need articles abstracts from the past, ask us as we archive everything we’ve computed.

This download of sources is manual and thus your list of sources won’t be updated unless you do regular download and import to your intelligence tool. To avoid this and always analyze the freshest, most up to date sources, select “Connect”.

Media you trust to keep your brand safe.

Here you want the widest AND most relevant (read consistant) list of media for the safest whitelist you will feed your ad server with.

This time ask TrustedOut for the whole classification group: Lifestyle, but this time we want to get the largest but secure list of media who have published on Lifestyle in the past 7 days.

TrustedOut finds 3,717 media (and 10,037 sources)

mouse over to zoom

Brand cannot be with “Politics”

SmartBizFurnitures does not want to be involved into “Politics”, so, those 7% should disappear from our Corpus map.

Let’s remove the whole classification “Politics”… with the 4th line: Media covering Politics in the past 7 days should be removed from the list:

mouse over to zoom

Of course, we have less media: 936 instead of 3,717 but it’s the choice made by SmartBizFurnitures to keep their brand safe and consistant.

DSP ready.

Same as with Sources. Here you will download the Media list as CSV but, as your brand must remain safe all over an ad campaign, you will want to “Connect” so the list of media = the Whitelist, will be up to date at all time.

Articles you trust to build on your PR efforts.

For our reading. we want the latest articles from the most relevant sources.

We will ask TrustedOut to give us our classification, as with Analytics, People › Lifestyle › Decoration And Design And Architecture, but since here, it’s not a machine analyzing but humans, likely a PR team or directly executives, we will select: Dedicated over the past 7 days.

mouse over to zoom

100+ a day. 20,000+ archived.

On average, TrustedOut will provide 102 articles abstracts and can provide more than 20,000 from archives upon request.

A click on the right “Get” gives us:

mouse over to zoom

Spot on for your PR efforts.

Click on the abstract article to read the article. Very interesting for SmartBizFurnitures. PR effort right here.

mouse over to zoom. Click to read.

Watch tool ready.

Simple. Download: RSS.

Use this RSS as any RSS. Corporate pages, alerts, newsletters…

For example, in Netvibes:

mouse over to zoom. Click to discover Netvibes

or in Feedly:

mouse over to zoom. click to visit

Your business is made of the content you trust.

Your business is all about the content you trust.

Contact us:

Corpus Intelligence for an Industry: Aerospace & Defense – October 2019

Media covering Aerospace & Defense.

In the US, 443 media and 779 sources are covering  over the past quarter, publishing an average of 4+k new articles a day.

In France, 56 media and 111 sources are covering  over the past quarter, publishing an average of 360 new articles a day.

Media per Expertise Level and News Sensitivity.

TrustedOut uniquely profiles media per level of expertise (Dedicated > Specialized > Covered > All) AND per profiling period (past week, past month, past quarter). This profiling period identifies News sensitivity. Past week is more sensitive to the latest news, while Past Quarter is more stable. This is very convenient depending on the type of project you’re driving.


  • Media: unique domains used (xxxx.yyy)
  • Sources: unique feeds belonging to a Media. Mostly correspond to a section of the Media
  • Articles per day: number of articles published and analyzed by TrustedOut
  • Archived articles: Article abstracts and links archived on the corresponding Sources.

For the US:

For France:

A&D media market shares in the US and France

Despite a difference in Past Quarter vs Past Week showing little sensitivity to news, the number of articles per day and archived is fairly high, meaning a strong need to listen and analyze industry evolutions.
While at equal level in Dedicated and Specialized Media, the US have more media covering this industry than France.

Related group classifications.

In the US, A&D Media also cover:

In the US, Media covering Aerospace & Defense in the past quarter also cover:

Radar view:

DNA view:

Mouse over to zoom

In France, A&D Media also cover:

In France, Media covering Aerospace & Defense in the past quarter also cover:

Radar view:

DNA view:

Mouse over to zoom

In both countries, Aerospace & Defense is close to another industry: Transportation.
In the France, Aerospace & Defense is even more related to Transportation, Law and Fundamental Sciences when, in the US, it is more Politics.
Also, in France, Aerospace & Defense is more related to Satellites and Transportation via Air, and Law is seen as International, while, in the US, People means Society.

Fine tuning your Corpus

Example: Want Aerospace & Defense but NOT Military Defense

You need to listen and/or analyze, or want to target for PR or ads, all media about Defense but not Military Defense. The query to set your Corpus will look like this:

Of course, we are moving from 443 media and 143 sources to:

Two third of the media in Aerospace & Defense are also classified as  Military Defense.

Brand Safety Risk and Toxic Content: None

Mouse over to zoom.
Mouse over to zoom.

Media covering Aerospace & Defense are not victims of toxic content and Brand Safety Risks.

Digging into top Media.

Avionics (US)

Name Avionics

Classification over past Quarter



Futura Sciences (France)

Name Futura

Classification over past Quarter


How our AI-powered classification works

How our AI-powered classification works.

Now you can trust decisions made on content you trust

Importance for Business Intelligence:
No trust, no Intelligence.

Works on all sectors.

Say you are in the food market and want to understand how some cuisine types are perceived amongst specialized publications in America:

To feed your intelligence tools, such as Digimind (demo here), your Corpus will look like this.

Say you are in the food market and want to understand how some cuisine types are perceived amongst specialized publications in America:

To feed your intelligence tools, such as Digimind (demo here), your Corpus will look like this.

16,000+ sources (49k new articles abstracts a day) will ensure you analyze, and thus base your strategic decisions, on content you define.

Would you have thought Better Homes and Gardens would be part of your Corpus? At first, Home and Garden does not sound like Food and beverage specialist, does it? (well, if you are looking for Chicken recipes, it’s here).

This anecdote is to point out the need for both an unbiased and universal classification and a depth of expertise from the content you will base your decisions on.

It is critical you trust the right, and all the right, publications to trust any intelligence coming out of those publications. Depth and width.

No Trust, No Intelligence.

Consequently, the solution is to:

1/ Have marketers define their Corpus from profiles of media they trust for each analysis, each product, each segment, each brand.
And align in each country.

2/ Have those corpuses automatically built, maintained and updated, directly serving your analytics tool.

Bottom line: Define the content you trust so you can trust decisions you make.
“If it’s not trusted in, it can not be trusted out!”

Importance for Advertising:
Brand Safety and Budget Optimization.

Here, you want to advertise your new product to the US Food Market. Keeping your brand safe will be your top priority… After all, you will pay to increase your business, not ruin the brand reputation it took you years to build.

Brand Safety is top priority for CEOs and CMOs.

For your online ad campaign, the trading desk of your advertising agency will define the query, with, amongst other things, desired and not-desired keywords, to select the content you trust compatible with your brand.

But a page can match all those criteria but be published on a site not safe or compatible with the advertiser’s brand. You must also select the publications you trust compatible with your brand.

Otherwise, your brand is at risk. And advertisers know and fear it:

4 in 10 brands deliver ads on unsafe sites – Cision

The only solution for the CMO to be certain to keep brands safe: Define himself the lists of publications he trusts compatible with her/his brands.


70% implement black or white lists… – Digiday

But while the vast majority is using lists, the vast majority is unhappy with the solution. As of today:

… but 64% fear negative impacts on performance.  71% fear to not achieve reach while delivering to the right audience in the right context. – Cision

Consequently, the solution is to:

1/ Have marketers define their white lists themselves for each campaign, each brand. And align in each country.

2/ Have those lists automatically built, maintained and updated, directly serving the trading desk.

Bottom line: Keep your Brand Safe, let TrustedOut manage your white lists.

Let’s go back to our US Food Market example. Our marketer, here, wants to build a white list of US based publications, specialized in Food and Beverage and also wants them to be in business for more than 3 years, not politically, nor religiously oriented and, of course, not spotted as fake news, hate news or junk science.

Corpus looks like above and now more than 9,000+ sources are immediately available to be imported or live feeding your trading desk.

Trading desk runs its query within the perimeter of the white list. Best of both worlds, search and directory.
Brand is now totally safe.

Run more where it returns more.

In addition, Media Profiles bring ad budget optimization.

By adding media profiles to a campaign report, marketers and agencies can surface media with the best ROI and thus, increase budgets where return is optimal.

BHG works best for your campaign? Let’s get more of this profile and spend your ad budget where it makes the most sense.

Matter of fact, Your business is all about the content you trust.

Your business is all about the content you trust.

Questions? Contact us!