Business Case #3. Country comparisons

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Finally, truly trusting your analytics with Corpus Intelligence

In the two first Business cases, the client, ACME, a sport car maker was wondering how to have to perfect Press Relations (PR) effort and advertising campaigns to ensure Artificial Intelligence in its car will boost image. In this third Business case, we will use Corpus Intelligence to make sure country comparisons are not misleading.

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Are you sure your analytics are comparing apples to apples?

ACME wants to compare how the US are reacting to its messaging on AI vs the effort in France, both PR and Ad campaigns (see previous Business cases). To do this, ACME, so far, has been using 2 corpuses for its analytics. One for France and one for the US.
Now, the question is: Are those 2 corpuses similar so you can trust any intelligence based on country comparisons.
Here is how TrustedOut can help to identify and fix differences. First, both current corpuses (not coming from TrustedOut), need to be imported to TrustedOut.

Importing existing corpuses to TrustedOut.

Once imported, those 2 existing corpuses can be queryed as "Custom lists"... During corpus imports, TrustedOut verifies all sources and notify about broken ones. The Live taxonomy shows the live results of the query, here the combined corpuses.
Let's click on the Corpus analytics button...

TrustedOut Corpus Intelligence allows imports of your current corpus for mapping analytics

Corpus analytics map what your trust is based on.

Here is a comparison of the top categories of each country's taxonomies (content categories).
Clearly, the 2 countries do not have the same taxonomy and are made of content of very different natures.

TrustedOut Corpus Analytics shows taxonomy differences between countries so you know if you compare apples to apples

Trusting your current analytics? No, you can't, until you align your country corpuses.

ACME corpuses for US and France are too different and need to be aligned to make anything out of any comparison. ACME decides to align taxonomies to be able to observe the efficiency of its efforts in PR and advertising and watch if France can be a test market, replicating elsewhere, in the future.

Aligning corpuses to properly compare countries.

By defining the taxonomy you trust for your corpus, TrustedOut provides the corresponding media, sources, and, optionally, the article abstracts. In this example, there are 557 media results from 1008 sources.
No worries if you want to get article abstracts from the past. We've got you covered.

TrustedOut Corpus Intelligence creates the perfect corpus for perfect decision-making

TrustedOut ensures you can trust the Corpus you use with your analytics tools. This is the mandatory condition to trust any outcome from those intelligence tools.

As with any survey, if you don't trust the sample onto which the survey is built, you CANNOT make anything out of that survey. TrustedOut fixes this for any content based intelligence.