How to:
Create a Corpus focused on a single Industry.

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Create an Industry Corpus

Let say, you are looking for sources on the Agriculture Industry:

1. From the menu on our website, click on "Client login"
2. Let's create a new Corpus by clicking on this button:

3. Time now to create your Corpus query. Click on "Add condition" to view all available conditions:

4. Select "Source Taxonomy" in the group of Sources conditions:

5. In the 3rd drop down, start type "agri" and select "Industrie > Agriculture":

6. TrustedOut's AI-profiling gauges 4 levels of expertise: Dedicated < Specialized < Covered < All. Select "All".

7. TrustedOut also permits to select the period of time over which the taxonomy is computed. Per Week means more sensitive to the news vs Per Quarter which is more stable. Select "Past quarter"

8. Looking for media and sources in France and in French? Repeat the "Add condition", select "Media > Countries" and "France" and repeat "Add condition", select "Source > Language" and "French". You will get this:

Get taxonomy mapping and Media, Source Profiles

9. Your Corpus has, now, 279 Media (unique domains), 650 sources (feeds representing a section of the Media). This Corpus receives an average of 7k articles every day and TrustedOut has 2.3M article abstracts in archive, all corresponding to this very Corpus.

10. The section on the right gives 2 important informations about your Corpus: The main mapping for those 279 Media and 650 sources AND the daily and cumulative new articles published.

11. Want to see what taxonomy mapping looks like? Click on "Corpus Mapping":
Note: As the taxonomy is totally live depending on those daily new articles, the taxonomy map also evolves permanently.

12. Let's have a look at your Corpus: Click on the "Get" of the Media and Source box:
Get Media and Source Profiles as PDF to be shared Re-visit How to: Get profiles on a single Media

Export to DSP, Analytics and Readers

13. Export or Connect your Corpus:
Select JSON or CSV to export Media and/or Sources
Select OPML to get a file ready to be imported in your RSS Reader. This will allow you get alerts on keywords, create newsletters and more. Read more about TrustedOut and RSS Readers

Watch latest classifications

14. To watch latest articles classifications, click on "Get" in the article abstracts block:

15. Get classifications made by our AI: (View article below)