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Map your Market with sophisticated taxonomy queries.

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Create an Economy and Enterprise Corpus

In this tutorial, you are looking for a Corpus focused on Media and Sources widely talking about "Employment and Unemployment" over the past Week.
1. Following the previous tutorial, you now know how to get there:

2. This gives us:

Remove sources from an undesired taxonomy

3. Say now, you want to discard Sources dedicated to "Unions"
Add the source Condition "Source Taxonomy" and this time in the second drop down, select "is not", pick but entering the first letters of "Union" and select the same parameters: "All" and "Past week":

4. We now have:

Expand to sources from another taxonomy

5. This time, you'd like to expand "Employment and Unemployment" to "Enterprise"
In the existing condition, enter "enterprise" and select "General > Economy and Enterprise > Enterprise":

6. The query of your Corpus, now, looks like this:

All conditions on the same line behave like "OR"
All conditions on different lines behave like "AND"

7. We now have: