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URL selection to fine-tune your Corpus.

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Create a Lifestyle Corpus

Business case: You are looking for non-twitter sources producing content over "Lifestyle > Fashion" in America and in English. Source classification has to be stable and not too sensitive to news.
1. Following the previous tutorial, you now know how to get there:

2. Which is made of:

Exclude Twitter sources

3. Add condition "URL":

4. Select "Does not contain" in the 2nd drop down and enter "" in the text box:

5. 523 twitter sources are now gone and we are left with:

Only focus on talkative sources

6. To solely keep sources publishing a substantial amount of content, Add condition "Talkativeness":

7. Select "is not" in the 2nd drop down and "Low" in the 3rd drop down:

8. Our Corpus now contains:

Feed your analytics tools with your Corpus

8. Simply "Download" in CSV or "Connect" for live updates
"Download" in OPML to feed your watch tool.